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JavaScript : How to define and display a date in a datetime-local input?

A tutorial on how to define and present a date in a datetime-local HTML input element using JavaScript.

Aligning text horizontally and vertically in Word

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to position a block of text centered on the horizontal and vertical axes, simply in the middle of a Word document. This technique is often used for cover pages, quotations and sometimes titles.

Pagination Laravel : Display continuous numbering of elements per page

A tutorial for displaying continuous numbering of collection items on all pagination pages in a Laravel project.
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How to install, configure and use SQLite with Laravel on Windows

A tutorial for downloading, installing and configuring SQLite database in Windows and using it in a Laravel project.
laragon php sqlite windows

How to group a collection by day, month and year in Laravel

A tutorial for grouping a collection of data by date (day, month and year) in a Laravel project.
Laravel php

How to calculate the duration between two dates in Laravel

A tutorial to determine the duration between the start date ($date1) and the end date ($date2) in years, months, hours, minutes and seconds in a Laravel project.
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Laravel : Generating test data with Factory, Faker and Tinker

A tutorial to insert random data generated by Factories and Faker into a database using Tinker in a Laravel project.
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Laravel : Retrieve data from a model between two dates

Three methods are explained to retrieve data between the start and end dates of a model in a Laravel 10 project.
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Laravel : Show a date in a datetime-local input

A tutorial to show the date of a model in an HTML input of type datetime-local in a Laravel 10 project.
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Laravel : import and export a collection in Excel with Fast Excel

A tutorial on how to use the rap2hpoutre/fast-excel package to export data from a collection or model in Excel xlsx, ods or csv format and import the data from a spreadsheet into a Laravel project.
Laravel php excel

Laravel : Generate a PDF file with laravel-dompdf

A tutorial on how to use the laravel-dompdf package in a Laravel project to create a PDF file from HTML code or a view (Blade template).
laravel php pdf

Alpine.js - HTML : Redirect to the value of a select field

An HTML tutorial to retrieve the value of an option <option> from a <select> field and redirect the client to the chosen option (URL) with Alpine.js.
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